It was my own fault. My car was booked in for a service and I had chosen to wait. I told myself yesterday to bring the book I was currently reading.

This morning, I forgot the book. I arrived and grabbed a very tasty free coffee and settled in to read the paper.

I should read this thing more often. I found myself amused, frustrated and captivated.

I laughed to myself as I read of a cult producer I know nothing about… Jay and Silent Bob?? I lived a very sheltered upbringing you see and really don’t care about Hollywood names or lives.

Anyway, it talked about how part of their show involves reading from a journal that one of them wrote in different rehab bouts. How it spoke of the staff members encouraging the use of the journals, and how it contained ramblings and poetry.

Here I was sitting in the service waiting section laughing as it reminded me of my own experiences writing the same sort of ramblings. The best ones ended up on here.

I don’t even know what the point of today’s post is about. All I know is it felt good to laugh and share an experience with someone… So make sure you do that too today if you can. šŸ™‚

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