Mum, I’m sorry.




I’m sorry.

I hate that I’m making your life so difficult at the moment. I know you only have the best intentions for me, and I appreciate it!

I’m sorry you’re hardly getting any sleep at the moment. I’m sorry your choices are between night terrors or lying awake waiting for the phone to ring with more awful news.

At least your smile hasn’t been removed forever. It warms my heart when I see you hardly able to breathe because you are laughing so hard.

I love how even though deep down you know you shouldn’t, you still join me on my crazy adventures.

I’m sorry you had to watch as I earned every one of my grey hairs. It’s been a drought now for a few years, so I’ve organised a bit of rain to bring back all the green plants, to bring back all different types of animals to make life beautiful again.

Mum, you are the world to me.
Keep smiling.

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