A sacred place,
we all should know,
A special place,
to which we go.

There’s nothing like
its warm embrace,
of angst or worry,
there is no trace.

I close my eyes,
and drift away,
a place of dreams,
in which to play.

A simple ask,
this nice warm bed,
and to my body,
great rest is fed.

A thick warm doona,
in which to snuggle,
a naked wife,
to whom I cuddle.

Into the black,
we all must go,
to leave behind,
life’s to and fro.

Yet even when,
it’s not your bed,
find a warm place,
to rest your head.

And when you’re done,
a brand new day,
to run, to jump,
to skip and play!

Sleep hits reload,
then refreshes your page,
to browse again,
this world your stage.

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